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We are a Bolivian enterprise legally constituted in the United States and Bolivia. We are dedicated to generating new financial solutions that take into account the traditional characteristics of our region, to provide access to savings alternatives and collaborative payments between people.
We have digitized the pasanaku (tanda, tambourine) offering our users the management of shifts and access to additional financial benefits. We also digitized community banking and individual credit management.

September 2021

A challenge is born

The idea was born as a result of the desire to help Bolivians save and grow their money, together with other Bolivians, the first challenge was to digitize the pasanaku, for which they began to develop an application that allows them to have it from the start. cell phone.

August 2022

First round of investment

We managed to complete the first round of pre-seed capital, closing an approximate investment of $us. 150,000 which allowed the official launch of the PasanaQ APP mobile platform.

January 2023

New opportunities

In a constant approach to the people of the region and their needs, we managed to identify new opportunities. We generate digital financial solutions for banking institutions and credit sales businesses.

We know what you need

Technological solutions

We have digital solutions and services for both users and companies, providing new alternatives and ways of saving money and collaborative payment.

PasanaQ Business

Find out how your financial institution or business can use our digital solutions.

PasanaQ App

Create your group of pasanaku in simple steps, through our mobile application.

Leading impact

Our team

What are we doing?

Press releases

You can find out about our work, how we are growing and what actions we are planning in the following press articles.

Different companies and organizations

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How to sell on credit

You can with us

  • Reduce operating costs: By digitizing your operations, you will reduce expenses and optimize your profitability.
  • Approve credits with ease: Forget unnecessary paperwork. Our platform simplifies credit approval quickly and efficiently.
  • Control and reduce delinquencies: Maintain total control over your credits from our intuitive control panel.
  • Offer personalized credits and payment plans: Provide an exceptional financial experience with flexible options adapted to your clients.
  • Increase credit applications: Take advantage of the convenience of our platform to increase applications and your customer base.

As a bank

You can with us

  • Acquire new clients: Easily and effectively.
  • Reduce default and optimize processes: Access valuable data from ROSCAs from our intuitive dashboard. Make informed decisions and improve payment management, significantly reducing credit delinquencies.
  • Increase savings up to 20%: Our automatic processes motivate your customers to save more.
  • Retain and foster digital transformation: Keep customers satisfied with personalized notifications and payment reminders. Increase the retention rate and strengthen business relationships.