Banking and financial entities

Increase your income by supporting financial inclusion, offering your clients digital savings groups (tanda, pasanaku or tambourine), digital savings, community and individual credits.

Other Business

Boost your sales with digital solutions for individual and collaborative credits focused on the needs of your customers.

Develop with us

Your digital financial service

Identify user behavior

Access detailed information about your users through a complete control panel, giving you the ability to make informed decisions based on their payment behavior.

Streamline internal financial processes

Improve the efficiency of your processes and operations by taking advantage of the comfort and convenience of our platform, achieving a significant reduction in the time spent making decisions for actions directed at your clients.

Save on operational costs

Execute your actions in the digital world, reducing time and providing ease in areas that do not require a large number of personnel for your institution.

Provide convenience to your users

Eliminate tedious procedures and unnecessary paperwork for your clients, simplifying actions to just a couple of clicks.

Improve customer loyalty and retention

Attract and retain customers in a simple and effective way, increasing their satisfaction through a relationship based on giving them the comfort of carrying out actions on your financial platform.

Trust like them in PasanaQ

We develop a digital credit platform

For products that can be selected from any location, through the use of digital payment plans.
Meet Quantum

We integrate Solpasanaku

to provide its customers with the facility to create Pasanaku groups online, promoting collective savings.
Meet BancoSol

Tenemos soluciones financieras digitales para que puedas implementar:

We are ready

Work with us

Identify the needs

We make ourselves available to listen to you and generate solutions according to the needs of your clients and your business.

Develop your financial product

We can build an application from scratch or integrate it into your existing one.

Provide ongoing support

We care about mutual success! After the integration is completed, we provide follow-up to your product and offer technical support.

Companies and organizations

They support us

We make your institution grow hand in hand with the innovation and traditions of the region.

As a bank

You can with us

  • Acquire new clients: Easily and effectively.
  • Reduce default and optimize processes: Access valuable data from ROSCAs from our intuitive dashboard. Make informed decisions and improve payment management, significantly reducing credit delinquencies.
  • Increase savings up to 20%: Our automatic processes motivate your customers to save more.
  • Retain and foster digital transformation: Keep customers satisfied with personalized notifications and payment reminders. Increase the retention rate and strengthen business relationships.

How to sell on credit

You can with us

  • Reduce operating costs: By digitizing your operations, you will reduce expenses and optimize your profitability.
  • Approve credits with ease: Forget unnecessary paperwork. Our platform simplifies credit approval quickly and efficiently.
  • Control and reduce delinquencies: Maintain total control over your credits from our intuitive control panel.
  • Offer personalized credits and payment plans: Provide an exceptional financial experience with flexible options adapted to your clients.
  • Increase credit applications: Take advantage of the convenience of our platform to increase applications and your customer base.

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