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    How to sell on credit

    You can with us

    • Reduce operating costs: By digitizing your operations, you will reduce expenses and optimize your profitability.
    • Approve credits with ease: Forget unnecessary paperwork. Our platform simplifies credit approval quickly and efficiently.
    • Control and reduce delinquencies: Maintain total control over your credits from our intuitive control panel.
    • Offer personalized credits and payment plans: Provide an exceptional financial experience with flexible options adapted to your clients.
    • Increase credit applications: Take advantage of the convenience of our platform to increase applications and your customer base.

    As a bank

    You can with us

    • Acquire new clients: Easily and effectively.
    • Reduce default and optimize processes: Access valuable data from ROSCAs from our intuitive dashboard. Make informed decisions and improve payment management, significantly reducing credit delinquencies.
    • Increase savings up to 20%: Our automatic processes motivate your customers to save more.
    • Retain and foster digital transformation: Keep customers satisfied with personalized notifications and payment reminders. Increase the retention rate and strengthen business relationships.