How to work with PasanaQ Business

At PasanaQ Business, we focus on providing you with a work experience that meets your financial and business needs as a banking institution or credit sales business. Our priority is to work together to develop activities that integrate financial solutions.

Our INTEGRA methodology is based on identifying efficient and sequential actions that promote the integration of financial solutions. We customize the work route in collaboration with your institution, following a series of general steps:

  1. Identification of your needs: We make ourselves available to listen to you and generate solutions adapted to the needs of your clients and your business.
  2. Development of your product: We create an application from scratch or integrate it into your existing system.
    Service follow-up: Once the integration is complete, we provide follow-up to your product and offer continuous technical support.

We adapt to your needs and offer two types of services with different integration options. Whether it’s by integrating our app into your existing service or developing a custom app, we guarantee the same quality and support.

Integrating our App at your service: Our versatile applications are easily integrated without requiring significant changes to your current systems. You can choose to build our webview via a secure link or use our development kit (SDK) to include it in your applications.

Developing to your requirement: If your institution does not have an application, we offer you to develop a personalized one in terms of functionality and image. We deliver the installers of our applications for mobile platforms, ensuring a tailor-made solution.

Get to work with us and experience the customization and functionality that we guarantee at every step. In addition, we deliver our products in a modularized way, allowing you to review and validate the modules developed before the agreed date.

Our technical support quickly resolves any inconvenience, while the production of our applications is carried out with the delivery of detailed documentation and necessary installation steps.

Once in operation, our support continues with:

  • Technical Support: We provide assistance for any technical issues related to the application.
  • Maintenance: We fixed bugs and made minor functionality improvements.

Hand in hand with PasanaQ Business INTEGRA the financial solution that your institution needs. Contact us today and discover how we can boost your financial and commercial operations.

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How to sell on credit

You can with us

  • Reduce operating costs: By digitizing your operations, you will reduce expenses and optimize your profitability.
  • Approve credits with ease: Forget unnecessary paperwork. Our platform simplifies credit approval quickly and efficiently.
  • Control and reduce delinquencies: Maintain total control over your credits from our intuitive control panel.
  • Offer personalized credits and payment plans: Provide an exceptional financial experience with flexible options adapted to your clients.
  • Increase credit applications: Take advantage of the convenience of our platform to increase applications and your customer base.

As a bank

You can with us

  • Acquire new clients: Easily and effectively.
  • Reduce default and optimize processes: Access valuable data from ROSCAs from our intuitive dashboard. Make informed decisions and improve payment management, significantly reducing credit delinquencies.
  • Increase savings up to 20%: Our automatic processes motivate your customers to save more.
  • Retain and foster digital transformation: Keep customers satisfied with personalized notifications and payment reminders. Increase the retention rate and strengthen business relationships.